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Electric Forklift Operation Notice


1.  Maintain appropriate start-up speed when starting, should not be too hard.

2.  Observe the voltmeter voltage, if the voltage is lower than the limit, the electric forklift should immediately stop running.

3.  When the electric forklift is in the process of driving, it is not allowed to move the direction switch and change the driving direction, so as not to burn out electrical components and damage gear.

4.  It should not be driving and lifting simultaneously.

5.  Pay attention to the voice of driving system and steering system. Troubleshoot the abnormal sound timely.

6.  Before turning, you should slow down the electric forklift.

7.  When working with poor road conditions, the weight should be appropriately reduced, and you should slow down the driving speed.

8.  When transport goods on large slope of road, please pay attention to the solidity of the goods on the pallet fork.