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Business Trip in Africa


As WECAN products are becoming more and more popular in Africa, we went to Africato visit some of our customers in December 2016. This business trip has two main purposes. Firstly, we check the performance of our forklifts and skid steer loaders and help customers to solve problems, and then improve our quality and design to meet the customer's requirements better. Secondly, we discuss the future cooperation plan with our dealers.


Ø We visited 3 customers inSouth Africafrom 12th to 14th. We have cooperated for 3 years with the first customer we visited. From the 1 set of forklift to test our quality, and now will become our dealer inSouth Africa. The following picture the forklift bought in June 2013. Performance is very good now.



Ø The second customer we visit is a small rental company. He bought one 3ton diesel forklift in Year 2010. He is very satisfied with it, and bought a skid steer loader this year. The forklift seems very new now.



Ø The third customer we visit is also an old customer. They said our Rough Terrain Forklifts will be very popular inSouth Africa. They will be focus on the rough terrain forklifts in future cooperation. We visited our exclusive agent inAlgeriafrom 15th to 19th December. They took us to visit several end users to help them solve some problems. They has imported forklifts by SKD and assembled them in their factory. Our technicians also teach them how to adjust and test the forklifts.



Ø The last destination isTunisia. We visited nearly 20 end users and found a problem. Some forklifts and skid steer loaders’ maintenance are not proper and timely. We told our customers they should do maintenance regularly for machines, and teach them how to do it. They are very happy for our visiting.



We learned a lot from this business trip. It is helpful for us to improve our service and machines’ performance in future. As a manufacturer, we should know the customers’ requirements and try to provide the best service for them. We will visit more foreign customers in future and bring WECAN forklifts and skid steer loaders to all over the world.