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How to Purchase A New Forklift


Purchasing a new forklift instead of a used one allows the buyer to select a product specifically designed for its intended use, avoid potential problems related to a vehicle's previous mechanical history, and obtain a lift truck with the latest technological advances. When selecting a new forklift, a dealer will likely ask several detailed questions to help the buyer choose a piece of equipment that is best suited to meet the customer’s precise needs. It is important that the shopper has comprehensive knowledge of the type of work that they will expect their new forklift to perform. Based on this information, a good sales representative will be able to recommend a specific design and the available options that will customize the product to create the perfect forklift for the client. Knowledge of novel features or innovated technological advances that could be beneficial to a customer’s unique needs might only be known by an experienced dealer.


When buying a new forklift, prior mechanical trouble and accurate maintenance records are never a concern. All industrial equipment will require repairs at some point; however, by owning new equipment, one can rely on warranties that do not pertain to used lifts. While manufacturer’s warranties are typically standard, dealer, extended and third party contracts are sometimes offered for a nominal charge. The initial cost of a new forklift is definitely more expensive than that of a used lift truck. Because of their higher value, better financing options are available for those who wish to manage the expense over a period of time.