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Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter Install on Forklift

   When you mentioned environment protection forklift, we firtly talked to say the electric forklift.

However, electric forklift price cost higher and using life limited,that makes the potential customers flinch,the market share goes down.

Now , WECAN forklift installing Catalyzed diesel particulate filters are

the solution for diesel particulate matter control. >95% PM filtration efficiencywhich can convert engine exhaust black smoke into no smoke. In additional of PM reduction, catalyzed diesel particulate filter is also reducing carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon from engine exhaust stream.

Catalyzed diesel particulate filter install on forklift, which would be perfect solution for diesel engine displacement. Environmental protection diesel forklift, it can be range from 1.5ton to 10ton, satisfying most customer’s requested.