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Visiting in Algeria

     At the end of year 2014, our colleagues Daniel Li (sales manager in trading department)

and Xiaohua Zhang (personnel in after sales department) visited our Algeriasales agent

which is also our biggest customer in Africa. Our customer warmly received them at the

airport and rented a house for them. They lived there for a month. In the daytime, our

customer companied them to visit the end users. They visited more than 30 users in

Algeria during the one month time and a lot of praise for our forklifts from the users

although some suggestions for improvement are also pointed out. Those suggestions

are of precious and significant for us to make our products better and better as they

are summarized from practical use.

    When they come back toChina, we had a meeting special for the improvement

suggestions to discuss the way to make our forklift more perfect. We believe, WECAN

forklift will be more and more user-friendly and gain more than more customers by

constant improvement.